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Duct Replacement in Cupertino – How It Affects You

Duct replacement in Cupertino happens to be one way that you can save up to 20 to 30% on your energy bills each year.  This is because damage or leakage in ducts is one of the leading causes of energy loss.  Hot or cold air coming from your furnace or air conditioner, respectively, must reach each and every room of your house with 100% efficiency.  However, if there are leaks in the ducts, the conditioned air will leak through, causing wastage of energy.  You are, in turn, going to have to run your air conditioner or furnace that much longer to make up for the leak loss, thus burning up more energy and getting higher bills.

So how do you fight it? Well, you closely watch out for the signs that tell you your ducts may be damaged and in need of replacement. Here are some of the major indicators:

Excessive Humidity

If you feel that a particular room in the house is too humid, even with the air conditioner running on dehumidifier mode, it is probably an indicator that the duct coming into that room has some damage to it. Moisture from outer air is finding its way inside and when subjected to the low temperature of air conditioner, is making the room feel too stuffy and humid. It’s time to call a good technician and have your ductwork checked, you might just need duct replacement in Cupertino.

Uneven Heating and Cooling

At times, one room in the house could feel more hot or cold than the other. Not only could the climate control tip off the balance but it also could get really uncomfortable at times. Rooms may get unexpectedly hot or cold, and send you reaching for the thermostat every few minutes.  This happens when there is a leakage in the duct, allowing the hot or cold air coming from the furnace or air conditioner escape and be wasted along the way.  Schedule an appointment and have your ductwork inspected for duct replacement in Cupertino.

Increased Energy Bills

If energy bills are making you sweat more than the weather, there has to be a problem.  Damaged ducts can make the air conditioner much too hot to give you the kind of climate control you desire. This obviously causes enormous increases in energy consumption leading to much higher bills, not to mention the environmental hazard this also creates.

In order to effectively avoid all of the above situations, keep the bills under control and get the kind of climate control you wish for, make sure that your ducts are free of damage and in good condition.  If there is damage however you need immediate duct replacement in Cupertino to bring things back to equilibrium.